Dendroarchaeology: dating of archaeological dwellings
    › When did the first settlement in the USA really occur?

Dendrochlimatology: developing a record of past climate
    › When was the biggest drought event?

Dendrogeomorphology: dating land movements such as landslides

Dendrohydrology: creating a record of past water availability and flooding
    › When and how often did settlers have to fight floods?

Dendroglaciology: dating past movements of glaciers
    › Are the glaciers in North America getting smaller?

Dendrovolcanology: dating the past eruptions of volcanoes
    › What is the history of volcanic events in Italy?

Dendrochemistry: using tree rings as a monitor of the chemical makeup of the soils
    › Are trace elements stunting tree growth?

Dendroecology: recording ecological processes such as tree-line movement, insect outbreaks, or movement of invasive tree species
    › What invasive species have occurred in Turkey Run State Park?

Dendropyrochronology: dating the past occurrence of forest fires
    › Are wild fires natural?

Dendroentomology: using tree rings to reconstruct past population levels of insects
    › What is the cycle of insect outbreak in Indiana?

Dendromastecology: using tree rings to reconstruct fruiting events in trees
    › What years have been high in fruiting events?