The Department of EES(Earth & Environmental Systems) at ISU has among others research laboratories dedicated to Biogeography/ Dendrochronology and Climatology. The Biogeography/Dendrochronology has workspace available for six student workers. The Climatology Laboratory has recently been remodeled and has dedicated space allocated for archiving dendrochronological samples.
A sanding facility and a microscop lab are also available.

The Department of EES(Earth & Environmental Systems) also has the Center for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. This Center houses 26 computers complete with auxiliary printers and scanners, including a drum printer that can be used for the production of research posters for professional meetings. The Biogeography/Dendrochronology lab has two computers, which can be used for data analysis. The Climatology lab has computers dedicated to the acquisition of climate data.

Major Equipment
The Biogeography/Dendrochronology Laboratory currently houses one Velmex Measuring Machine connected to a Stereozoom Microscope on a boom stand and a microcomputer analysis system.
The lab equipment also includes:
    - 13 incremento borers
    - 6 stereozoom microscopes
    - 2 belt sanders (4X24")
    - desktop and labtop computers
    - GPS units
    - 1 Stihl Chain saw Stihl 046 with a 24" bar
    - Hand saws
    - Hood
    - 2 cruiser packs
    - 2 Soil Sampling probes
    - Munsell Charts
    - Measuring tapes
    - 4 map tubes
    - Paper straws, Poplar core mounts, skeleton plot paper